Saturday, October 4, 2014

That time we went to Tofino

Last weekend we escaped the city to go on a Babymoon of sorts to Tofino, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Tofino is abotut a 9 hour trip (involving a border crossing, ferry, and long drive) from Seattle. It's a surfer's paradise, but even if you don't surf it's still lovely. It's like Alaska, the Hoh Rainforest, and the Oregon Coast made the world's prettiest baby.

Case in point:

This sunset view is from the Pacific Sands Resort (at Cox Beach) where we stayed just outside of Tofino. This resort is a favorite among surfers and dog owners. We could watch surfers from our balcony.

Mr. Snowgoose was thrilled to discover that Tofino had a brewery.

I was excited to discover Canadian junk food.

Dill pickle potato chips were made for pregnant women on vacation.
 Not to be outdone, Mr. Snowgoose poses in the sun.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

That summer we were too busy to blog

This summer's been killer.

It started early when we went on a little Mediterranean cruise around Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

And my bff from high school Waffle moved into our basement.

Then I went to Florida and the Homeland for a long weekend of family and barbecue and beach time.

We celebrated Mr. Snowgoose's birthday by building a ping pong table. It only took renting a U-haul and twelve hours of grunt work, but it is complete, functional, and awesome.

We went 50 days without rain in Seattle which meant our garden exploded with tomatoes. Moths came in and destroyed our kale, and somehow the squirrel left our strawberries alone.

We took the dogs on several picnics

Went strawberry picking

Ate a lot of peach cobbler

Beautiful Lopez Island

Mr. Snowgoose pretending to be in a Steinbeck novel

We ate a lot of Caprese salads
There was the day we wanted to take our bikes to Lopez Island but the bike rack failed us and instead we took the dogs.

We went hiking to some ice caves two hours north of Seattle.

We drove around the Kitsap Peninsula with Waffle and the dogs and visited four breweries and a gorgeous dog park in the woods.

We drove down to the Oregon Coast twice to see family, spend time walking on the beach, and eating good seafood.

Not to mention all the time we spent in our neighborhood hanging out with friends, making s'mores with our new neighbors, visiting the locks, and of course watching baseball. I even managed to witness the first perfect game in Mariner history. Too bad it was against my Rays!

That time we went to SoCal and I didn't tell you about it

Pardon my disappearance for awhile. We've been really busy.

In June I had a work thing in Southern California. We decided to make a small holiday out of it and do things like eat authentic Mexican food, visit In-and-Out, see some family, and of course, scratch another ballpark off the list. We started in San Diego and wound our way up the coast to Anaheim.

We pack a lot into two days in San Diego: Old Town (and tacos!), a baseball game, three breweries, a baseball game at Petco Park (where they allow leashed dogs!), a hike through Balboa Park, and a quick trip to La Jolla for the Sea Lions.

We stopped to see family in San Clemente and Mission Viejo and Mr. Snowgoose went to LA to hang with his brother while I sat in a lot of meetings. 

Tacos in Old Town

Brewery Stop #1: Mission

Petco Park is probably the prettiest (and most dog friendly) park I've ever been to. Also, great beer!

Brewery #2 Carl Strauss

A quick trip to Coronado for Brewery #3

And of course, Disneyland! 
In Anaheim there were a lot of librarian parties. Also, we managed to squeeze 6 hours at Disneyland in before we flew back home. It's been years since I was last at Disneyworld and all I can say is man I missed Space Mountain. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

January brings the snow

It would seem that oncea year we experience a "crippling snowstorm" and by that, I mean 5 inches in two days.

Martin Luther King Day brought on a snowstorm. Of course I didn't have to work, so I was without a snow day. But Mr. Snowgoose got one.
Earlier this year I purchased a couple of plastic sleds from the hardware store just in case we got our yearly snowstorm. FYI: sledding down a hill (or alley) on a plastic sled works much better than the tupperware lid during the snowpacalypse in 2008. In fact, we spent must of the Tuesday sledding with the neighbors next door.

I did get half a snow day on Wednesday (it was still snowing) as it was too treacherous to escape our driveway. Then panic set in as I learned my flight the next to Dallas for my conference was canceled and there was a chance I couldn't get there until Saturday. But I was persistent in calling the airline and eventually I got a seat on wicked early flight Friday morning. Mr. Snowgoose graciously drove me to the airport at 4:30 a.m.

By the time I came home from Dallas, the snow had melted.
I did learn two things from this storm:
1) Never try and scrape snow and ice off your car with a snow shovel. It looks like a raccoon did jumping jacks on Otto von Jetta's roof.
2) Hiking boots offer much better ankle support than snow boots.

Monday, September 12, 2011

That summer we did too much

It was a banner summer for us. To recap:

We went to the Oregon Coast twice (with dogs)

Traveled to New Oreans.

Drove the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway and spent the night in Winthrop (with dogs).

Camped on Orcas Island (with dogs).

Hiked to a waterfall and sprained an ankle.

Walked to two other waterfalls and did not sprain anything.

Grew an awesome garden.

Kayaked in a river (and saw an otter).

Hosted my best friend from high school and went on a chocolate tour.

Celebrated Mr. Snowgoose's birthday with a big barbque.

Dined al fresco, a lot.

Visted Rogue and Snoquamie breweries.

Spent 10 minutes inside a casino where we lost 10 dollars.

That time we ate a lot of cheese in Oregon

This year we opted to bookend our summer with trips down to the Oregon Coast. I'm happy to say, the weather for Labor Day was much more favorable than Memorial Day weekend. There was much to celebrate: mine and Mr. Snowgoose's 3rd anniversary, Papa Snowgoose's birthday, and family.

The girls were estatic to go back to the beach. So much so Mae West found a dead seagull and rolled all over it and then drank a bunch of saltwater and threw it up. Lola chased a flock a birds about a quarter-mile away and we wondered if she had dissapeared into the surf.

There was plenty of time to relax:

Go on cheese outings to Tillamok and Blue Heron

Go for a long drive and take in Arch Cape:

And visit a waterfall:

It was a wonderful trip filled with hourlong walks along the beach (where I found a whole sand dollar!), massages at the spa, family dinners, and a girl's afternoon out to see The Help, which was very enjoyable.

The best part of coming home? Seeing how much James Dean and Josie missed us (and the dogs).

Monday, August 29, 2011

That time we thought we'd go camping

In July Mr. Snowgoose had a birthday. His one birthday wish: go camping. I don't camp, in fact I hadn't camped in 20 years, but I am not one to ignore birthday wishes, so we packed up Otto Von Jetta, tossed in the puppies, and headed north to Orcas Island. Because we don't camp we borrowed nearly all of our gear from Papa Snowgoose and our neighbor.

We made a stop at the top of Mt. Constitution before heading down to set up camp. We also exhausted Lola and Mae West with a 6 mile hike to some pathetic cold springs and around a gorgeous lake.

Because we booked late our campsite was fortunate enough to be next to the bathroom which seemed like a good idea up until we realized how close we were. Whoops. The campsite next to us was vacant so at 10 p.m. we moved the tent. The girls were unsure about the tent but were so tired they gave up and fell asleep on the sleeping bags. Unfortunately the rest of our campsite didn't have our bedtime and the sun rises at like 5 a.m. in the summer, so sleep was miminal at best.

But, we did see deer and the dogs didn't bark at them and we consumed way too many marshmallows and hot dogs and played scrabble by the campfire.

It wasn't a terrible trip, but you can bet we won't be camping anytime soon.